Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some figures of the Web

The population of the Web is moving at a terrific speed. Thanks to, managed by Mediametrie, you get interesting figures on the French users in 2010.

For instance, last March, 74% of the visitors went to community websites, including, 58% on Facebook which is dominating, for the moment, the French market. The trade websites are also very successful (25 million buyers between January and March). Even, the news attract a population of 6 million visitors every day. Its true they don't waste too much time, 6 minutes a day and yet, they keep coming back.

Habits are also changing the ways of television. On March, more than 7 million visitors used catch up TV.

Same thing for the radio which is more and more present on the Web. Last March, 50% of the internauts listened to some radio programs on brodcasters websites.

The old delivery systems of press, television and radio are losing ground much faster than expected and in unforeseen ways.