Friday, August 27, 2010

The audience of Internet

What does it mean for a news website to have such and such audience? Now, you can use many different sites and applications to consult a pure player or a newspaper. You can use Google or go directly to le Monde or the New York Times or click on a word that interests you. You can even pick up bits of video on Facebook or Dailymotion or instant comments on Twitter. Each time you catch some information. Less and less often you appeal to an organized structure for news delivery.

Needless to say this new and largely unforeseen situation is deeply disturbing for the newspapers and newsmagazines. It goes against their traditional way of working, the laudable habit of classifying and organizing the hundred of news they receive every day.

Econmically, it means too that advertising has to adjust to these new ways. It is necessary to follow the customer everywhere and improve the knowledge of their habits.
The European and American publications have still a long way to go. The recent reorganization of USA Today won't certainly be enough to save a once dominant dialy.