Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bernard Tapie and the future of newspapers

When Bernard Tapie bought into La Provence and Nice Matin he delivered ambitious statements about his media policy. According to him the newspapers of the South could recover from their past losses and diminishing sales. He asked Patrick Lelay, ex chairman of TF1 and an old mate to audit the fledging dailies and  suggest a full reorganization of their staffs.

It was a long time ago, six months. Since then, the famous businessman has been silent as well as his unhappy partner, Philippe Hersant. However, Tapie has not left the world of newspapers, not as a press mogul but as an object of investigations by judges and reporters. Now that the judicial process is aiming at the past deeds of Tapie with the possible cancellation of his 400 millions deal with the government, the press business seems very remote indeed;

The big question, now is what is going to happen with the Southern dailies. Will Tapie be obliged to sell his 50% share? Who would be ready to buy? Is it possible to find in 2013, new investors for both Sud Ouest and the Southern dailies, the sick members of the regional newspapers community. We wait for the answers.