Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does the world stop on Summer?

During this month of July, the Washington Post published an exhaustive study on the gigantic and costly intelligence establishment which has been built up by the Bush administration since September 2001. This superb journalistic work, managed during several months by the star journalist Dana Priest, was delivered on Summer which is normal in the States. I ask you : can you remember any in depth reporting published in France in July or August? If you talk with any French press manager, he will tell you alternatively that people are on holiday and don't want to hear about current affairs or that all his staff is gone on holiday and he cannot start inquiries with green interns from schools of journalism.

The result is obvious. People stop buying national dailies or newsmagazines. They prefer to rely on Internet they consult now on their smartphones. It is anybody's guess what will happen this fall. Don't be surprised if the sales figures are bad.

Never forget that the world affairs don't stop on Summer (which, by the way, is Winter in the southern hemisphere).