Thursday, September 26, 2013

Digital and print. The breakthrough

One media- Audipresse has just published its audience results for 2012-13. The figures are impressive. More and more people read on both print and web.  33% of the readers use smartphones and tablets against 24% one year ago but 52% of the audience uses both print and web. It is common knowledge in most developed countries that the more people use digital supports, the more they use print too. Look at

The two strongest media are a free sheet 20 Minutes and a national daily, le Monde. 20 Minutes has a national monthly audience of 13 millions, le Monde, of 12 millions. They both register a digital audince close to 5 millions.

All the other figures show that the audience of both dailies and magazines keeps even as compared to previous years, thanks mainly to the growth of the use of smartphones and tablets. However, the economy  of this new situation is not fixed yet. Advertising is moving at a great speed from print to Web and to mobile. Paywalls work fairly well for national dailies with a rich content but are much less succesful for regional newspapers and magazines. The big question is : who is going to pay for what?