Friday, May 31, 2013

TV Are the networks breaking down?

Internet and the digital technologies have already deeply disrupted the musical world, the press and the publishing industry. The next step, in the US and very soon in Europe is the breaking down of broadcast television. Until recently the networks had to face the challenge of theVOD and the fact that tens of millions of viewers want to watch their favorite programs any time, when they like. The boradcasters have complied and provide services free for a short time and then paying where you can get all the programs already shown in the air.

Now things look a bit different. The digital geants such as Google, Apple, Amazon or Netflix want to be producers and programmers. They are starting to invest in programs of entertainment or fiction, like "The house of cards" from Netflix. They also buy the rights of series and films to the Hoollywood giants, only too willing to get more cash. Youtube, the video branch of Google is building up full channels which you can get on the Web at a bargain price.

The competition can be deadly for the networks in the States or in Europe, now that a majority of the population is starting to use tablets which are cheaper and more user friendly. France which owns the most successful European support of video, Dailymotion should have a second thought before selling it to just anybody. What if Dailymotion is the successor of TF1?