Monday, December 17, 2012

The Washington Post and the paying wall

The Guardian of December 10 and the Washington Post  of December 16 have discussed the matter of the paywall, the new obsession of press executives in every developed country 
The debate obviously rages at the Post. Must they follow the example of the NY Times, their nemesis or go on offering their news for free. 

As the argument of the adversaries of a pay system goes, the Post is not a world newspaper like the Times. It is regional, closer to the Boston Globe. And the Globe has failed selling its pay edition that collects less than 50000 subscribers 10 times less than its mother company, the Times. the Post has 18 millions unique viewers a month and risks to lose a lot of them if it moves to pay subscription. 

Yes but the partisans of the pay wall consider that it is a shame to offer for free the very good coverage of public and government affairs from the Post and advertising on the Web is des appointing, to say the least. So Hamletlike Don Graham hesitates: to pay or not to pay, that is the question.