Thursday, June 21, 2012

What happens to the media

The turmoil in the media world raises many questions and few answers. Yes Internet is delivering a massive offer of news but opinion polls during the last French elections showed that the public trusted mostly television to be informed. In fact in Europe and in the US people are spending more and more time watching TV, 3hrs30 mn for the French viewers and thetelevision websites are very successful.

Yes the daily press is in bad shape everywhere. In Australia, both Fairfax and News Corp groups are firing hundreds of employees and journalists and starting paying walls. However, the public keeps a strong interest in daily news, whatever their origin, all news television, websites, applications on smartphones and tablets.

The main question remains how to satisfy this apetite for informations which increases every year for every genberation. The answer is money. Quality news are costly. This is why the experience of paying walls needs to be watched very carefully as it is more and more obvious that advertising is lagging behind because of fractured audiences.