Thursday, March 8, 2012

The media and the president

I go on with my comments on the media policy of the future president. I strongly believe that the government should keep away, as much as possible from the organization of the medias. However, if you consider that the media are an important activity which employ a huge number of people and can export an image and some influence, you must admit that it can be part of an efficient industrial policy.

From that point of view, France's media do not fare any better than other branches of the economy. There are no powerful multimedia groups in our country and foreign interests have invested heavily, buying dailies, magazines, TV stations and websites. That means that the main worry to day is not the concntration of the media but the small size and less efficient management of the communication organizations that still belong to French interests. Yesterday, the German Springer boasted its success in digital activities based on two French companies it bought recently: Seloger and Aufeminin. Schibsted, owner of Leboncoin is one of the most successful mediagroups in Europe although it started on the small market of Norway (5 millions inhabitants).

If France decides to have an industrial policy like most of its European neighbours, it must include in this great design the media and most notably, the digital media which will shape the future of our economy.