Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is the Web compatible with television?

The Washington Post has set up a new television team that could include more than 20 people and will provide the newspaper's website with several videos every day. The American Huffington Post is doing the same. In France, the news websites include more and more moving pictures. Ouest France, for instance, has equiped its journalists with I phones that allow them to shoot short sequences on current affairs in every part of the daily's zone.

After many years of reflexion, it seems that the press is ready to move toward a new version of information on the Web that gets closer to an all news television channel. It is a major upheaval from the not so far away times when newspapers relied mostly on texts produced for the print edition and copies of the press agencies releases.

This revolution is due for a great part to the fact that it is easier to sell ads around a video. The Washington Post expects a sharp increase of its advertising income. It shows too that the shooting of videos is a proper job which must be done by professionals, specialized teams that are hired to fill a vacuum.

The newsroom of to morrow won't look much like what it is to day. It will be a mix up of a print newsroom, a television studio and a social networks connexion and it will work 24hrs a day.